Compliance Officer

Role: Compliance Officer
Employer: Rainforest Builder SL Ltd
Application Deadline: 9th of April, 2024
Location: Sierra Leone, initially based at Moyamba Junction
Reporting line:
Internal: Managing Director Rainforest Builder SL. Working relationships include Departmental Managers, Officers & Foresters, Supervisors, and other staff members.
External: Governmental Departments relevant to the job, Police authorities, compliance auditors, consultants etc.


Application Instructions: Submit CV and Cover Letter to with “Compliance Officer” in Subject Line.


About Rainforest Builder (SL) Ltd:

Rainforest Builder (SL) Ltd is a forest restoration company which has been operating in Sierra Leone since 2023. Our vision is to restore 100,000 hectares of forest in the country. These activities will result in storage of carbon, improved biodiversity and social upliftment through leasing of land, employment, community development and benefit sharing. Some areas will be utilised for sustainable timber production for sustainable employment. The company commenced operations in July 2023 and has set up an initial platform to increase restoration activities to achieve 10,000 ha per year by 2030. 

Rainforest Builder (SL) Ltd seeks excellent talent to join our company in an environment where employee development takes centre stage. This is being done against a background of world-leading forest restoration science, technologically advanced forest management practices and a culture of integrity with a strong desire to fight climate change and save the planet.


Key Purpose: 

The overall purpose of the job is to lead and coordinate the Company’s compliance with its legal and statutory obligations in respect of its expanding operations, vision, and strategy and to ensure that all risk management processes are adequately and properly implemented. 


Roles and responsibilities:

Risk and Compliance 

    • Act as an independent assessor and lead on Risk Management and Compliance.
    • With Senior Management Team, help develop and maintain Company’s risk management systems and processes.
    • Manage the Integrated Compliance Systems covering VERRA, EIA, and other compliance standards.
    • Compile and keep up to date all relevant registers, including risk assessment and compliance and provide reports to the Senior Management Team as appropriate.
    • Keep under review and periodic revision the full suite of Company’s safeguarding and other operational policies and ensure that these are consistent with the relevant legislation and best practices.
    • Establish and maintain daily tracking procedures of all incidents occurring within the workforce both on work & accommodation premises and submit incident reports to designated supervisors.
    • Regularly inspect equipment and machinery and implement strategies and methods to achieve zero accidents.
    • Conduct audits on premises and field operations to identify potential risks or non-conformity within the workforce and enforce preventive measures.
    • Oversee machinery installations, maintenance, and disposal of substances.
    • Manage the security functions in the Company.
    • Act as a focal point in case of accident and take immediate action to prevent further losses and damages in accordance with the Company compliance systems.


Health, Safety and Environment 

  • Develop and ensure compliance with all occupational health, safety and environmental (HSE) policies and procedures for the Company.
  • Design and monitor implementation plans of HSE compliance policies and procedures on all Company’s premises, both work & accommodation. 
  • Investigate and record all incidents to determine causes, conduct risk and compliance assessment, and implement effective prevention measures. 
  • Identify hazardous waste and ensure safe waste disposal.
  • Promote and standardise all Health and Safety and halt any unsafe, dangerous, or unhealthy practices.
  • Attend all mandatory and recommended trainings or courses and apply acquired knowledge and expertise in daily work.


Environmental Safeguarding

    • Consistently foster a culture of environmental stewardship and safety consciousness.
    • Familiarize with procedures and processes that are relevant for management of environmental risks.
    • Identify all environmental risks and mitigation measures and ensure they are incorporated into the environmental safeguards documents.
    • Educate workforce on not only the regulations, but also the impact on the organisation in case of non-compliance.
    • Develop and conduct capacity/training on SHE policies for the Company’s workforce, including senior management, employees, contractors etc.


Stakeholder Engagement 

  • Collaborate with management and all departments to create a culture of compliance.  
  • Liaise with all relevant regulatory agencies, auditors, and local community representatives to create and maintain good working relationship based on mutual trust and respect.


Qualifications and Experience: 

  • At least a bachelor’s degree in business studies, Law, Engineering or other relevant field and a current Safety Officer certification.
  • 4+ years in similar roles or related to environmental management, preferably within the context of forestry-type projects.
  • Strong knowledge of national environmental legal regulations and international health and safety standards and best practices. including but not limited to the Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, and forestry management practices. 


Skills and Competencies: 

  • Attention to detail and critical problem-solving ability.
  • Ability to analyse and interpret data and information quickly. 
  • Proactive and strategic approach with the ability to prioritise and plan ahead.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills. 
  • Leadership and decision-making abilities.
  • Sound knowledge of industry’s machinery functions and operations. 
  • Proficient in MS Office.
  • Working knowledge of safety management information systems is a plus 
  • Valid driver’s license and willingness to travel to project sites as needed. 


This job description is a guideline of key performance areas but does not limit your activities to the content herein. Your role is to continuously add value to the company and carry out any reasonable instructions from management, thus ensuring that all teams meet Rainforest Builder’s objectives.