Baraka by Afriqia


One of the major aims of Afriqia HR Solutions is to change the HR narrative in Sierra Leone and beyond for the better. As a way of giving back to our community and contributing to the human capital development of the country, we are launching the Afriqia Baraka program. The Afriqia Baraka program will provide eligible young people with a full scholarship to pursue various fields of study in Sierra Leone. In addition, Afriqia HR Solutions will support access to further training during the academic journey to ensure increased employability potential upon graduation.

Current Call

Having conducted a full desk review of existing literature with a focus on labour markets assessments and skills gap analysis in Sierra Leone, we have come to realise the increasing need for STEM investment. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics programs open the door to many different opportunities. Not only will this have an impact on the opportunities for those completing their studies but will also have an impact on the wider labour market, where there continues to be a major supply and demand gap.

We would like to open our call criteria to support students/trainees interested in STEM disciplines located both in and out of Freetown. Selected candidates will benefit from any of a number of the following qualifications:

    • Degree
    • NCTVA accredited Diploma
    • Certificate

Students will be able to pursue any program of choice. Afriqia Solutions will conduct a due diligence exercise on the selected program and choice of institution for study. Each student will also be provided with a parallel upskilling training plan.

Who Can Apply

This call is open to prospective students/ trainees who have the relevant requirements for their choice of study but cannot enroll due to a lack of funds. An assessment to ascertain the need will be conducted prior to award. There may also be key documentation that will need to be submitted in the initial application stage to support the first stage screening process.

Selection Criteria

The selected individual(s) must fulfil the following criteria:

  • Must display a good track record in their area of study.
  • Must not be currently in receipt of any other form of scholarship.
  • Must maintain a pass in all exams during the period of study (any reference or fail in any exam will nullify the scholarship).
  • Must commit to very high ethical standards (any complaint of malpractice, exams, or otherwise, will nullify the scholarship).