Our Community

Afriqia Solutions provides regular support to NGOs and Community Development Organisations in Sierra Leone. The focus of our corporate social responsibility is on programmes working with young people in terms of skills building. Our passion lies in increasing the opportunities of young people generally and girls specifically.

Afriqia Solutions acts as a project implementer and overseer of all GESSL’s in country activities. Our Managing Director acts as their in country coordinator and our team supports in ensuring the smoothness of their operations by taking on multiple administrative tasks. We also support them by providing them our services in both HR and recruitment at both a strategic and operational level.

GESL is an organization which seeks to inspire, empower and enlighten Sierra Leonean girls. the goal of GESSL is to empower a new generation of Sierra Leonean female leaders with emphasis on leadership and self-development, health, mentorship, community action, and technology and innovation.

Link to Website www.girlsempowermentsummitsl.org/

Afriqia Solutions has created a work ethics curriculum for Schooling for Life and act as the lead trainers for its implementation. The aim of this support is to utilise knowledge from its operations in the private sector to feed into a programme that directly prepares young people for the work place. Work place preparedness is lacking in Sierra Leone and a more promising future for its youth lies in investing in their development.

Schooling for life is a unique programme that offers a combination of scholarships for vocational education, practical and social skills, training activities and personal mentoring.

Link to Website www.schoolingforlife.net/home/

Afriqia Solutions acts as a member of the advisory board of G2G. With the aim to incorporate our research background and our HR expertise in the development of G2G, our team works closely with the Co-ordinator and the team to ensure the success of G2G principles.

G2G is an organisation dedicated to providing leadership training to community leaders to ensure the increase of knowledge around issues related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Harmful traditional practices.

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Sudu Salone was selected as the Afriqia Organisation of the Year 2021 among other numerous applicants.

Sudu lays its focus on providing homes for orphans and displaced children across Sierra Leone while addressing the most critical conditions that those children have been facing. Since their establishment in 2018, Sudu has worked toward matching displaced children into homes with families that have been trained and educated around a child’s educational, health and socio-economic needs.

Supporting and encouraging a formal foster care system in the country, Sudu ensures focus on sustainability in child development as a way to improve the socio-economic status of families and communities.

Link to Website www.sudusalone.org