HR Support

Research drives all the HR support services we offer.


The key to our success has been our client and people centric approach. We do not come in to your business with preconceived assumptions about the correct methods or successful strategies to implement. We believe in the diversity of issues, approaches and most importantly solutions. When it comes to HR matters, one size certainly does not fit all. Our client tailored approaches are designed by researching the needs of the client, compiled with understanding their environment and then submitting a proposal adequately discussed with the point of contact to support and devise successful HR strategies.


With our assessments we offer insights into how an
organization’s people and its culture engage with each other, enabling the better identification of talent and potential.

In addition, thus ensuring a successful and productive first one hundred days for all recruits. In regards to development, our assessments can be used at the individual, team or corporate level.

Investment in internal resources and the development of core competencies is essential for building business success and business growth. The primary purpose of using our assessments in a development context is to increase individual awareness and self-insight as a first step in achieving behavioral change.

In addition to providing assistance at an individual level, assessments used can be used to identify trends and sources of difficulty within teams by examining strengths and weaknesses across a group of people or potential sources of conflict within a team. This can be extended to a broader cultural level with a focus on leadership team. Identifying key talents, motives and development needs within the talent pool can be used in succession planning and effective talent management.


The underlying assumption behind our work is that positive and long lasting change cannot happen overnight. For that reason, we provide our clients support and strategy advise as and when it is needed. Although our interaction may not be continuous, our positive working relationship tends to last for years. As and when our clients are need us, or when our assessments need to be utilized we are on hand to provide them. Watching businesses excel in their successes should not be measured on the short term but on the long-term growth and development of both an organization and its staff. If you are an SME, reach out to our team to discuss our retainer services packages.

Once a client is in our database, we are happy to provide on call support as and when HR related matters arise. Strategy clarification, recruitment advise, development based questions are always welcome and case files will always be referred back to depending on the time span and the relevance of the data when the question arises.

Our aims, structure and work ethics encourage and sustain long lasting productive relationships. That ensures that we have as much of a vested interest in seeing long term positive change as opposed to quick short term results.

Did you know that we do not provide you a proposal for HR support without conducting an HR audit?

Speak to a member of our team to find out the benefits of such a pulse check to your business