Psychometric Assessments

We pride ourselves in being the only recruitment and HR consultancy trained and qualified in administering and analyzing psychometric assessments in Sierra Leone.

At Afriqia Solutions, we encourage our clients to put their candidates through aptitude and professional assessments. Our lead consultant is a qualified administrator and assessor, using assessments crated by Saville Consulting UK. Saville’s assessments are considered to be the most successful predictors of job performance are used by organisations all around the world both to assess potential staff and develop existing ones.

These include PWC, Vodafone, PZ Cussons, Jaguar, UK Home Office, BP and many more.

Aptitude assessments measure abilities that underpin future potential. We offer Numerical, Verbal, Diagrammatic, Spatial, Mechanical and Error Checking Aptitude Assessments. This is an extensively researched model of key characteristics that underpin success at work across different occupations.

Our professional styles range offers assessment tools which have the Wave Performance Culture Framework model at their core. This model is based on a rich understanding of personal motives, talents, competency potential and preffered culture.

The concepts of motive and talent are central to the structure and have real implications for selection, individual development and performance management. These come in form of two major assessments- Wave Professional Styles and Wave Focus Styles. The results of these assessments can be provided in a variety of reports those include development, types, team roles, leadership and sales reports.

The full list of assessments can be provided to you and suggestions can be made depending on the position you are recruiting for or the purpose for which you wish to utilize the assessments.

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