We, at Afriqia HR Solutions, like to approach any request from a client as an in house HR department would.

We do not believe that we can find the most suitable candidate for you without understanding of your working environment, your expectations and what the position entails. We believe Job Descriptions act as guides but do not always reflect the full needs of the employer. We encourage clients to use performance culture framework, which we talk you through, to accompany your JD to bring out the necessary traits of the suitable candidate. In addition, we continuously work and liaise with the point of contact at the client throughout the recruitment process.

Our service to the client does not end on appointment. We value the commitment we have made to the client and continue to support our clients with candidates for two months after appointment. We believe that the first 2 months are crucial for both the employer and employee in ensuring a successful working relationship. We can offer a number of extra services in this period, which include training, to ensure maximum gain and settling for both parties.

Another aspect of our work is advising clients as they proceed with their recruitment process. This tends to involve consultation on specific aspects of the recruitment process whether it is sitting in to interviews, distilling existing potential candidates, and/or utilizing psychometric assessments.

We will like to hear from you

For more information on any of our outlined services and any other ideas you might have, we are happy to work with you.