At Afriqia, we offer a variety of trainings that meet the needs of our clients that can be delivered at our offices, at yours, or at field level.

Development of your team lies at the core of your business strategy. In-House we provide a conducive training environment coupled with high quality trainers who are rich in knowledge and skills.

  • Assist employers in developing their competitive edge through skills, training and development of their employees.
  • Provide employers and partners with a comprehensive range of practical and customised training and development programmes.
  • Upgrade individuals and teams on the latest developments in HR management through workshops, seminars and conferences.


When offering customised training programs, we ensure the design journey consolidates and integrates the learning objectives with the overall strategy of the organisation.

Our customised approach ensures that the training content not only meets your needs but the needs of the trainees. Its focus on creating effective and sustainable interventions that will ensure growth. Depending on capacity of your in-house team and the purpose of the training, we lead training of trainers to ensure your team can continue to deliver the content even without us.

The organisations and companies that have benefited from our Customised Training Programmes and facilitation support are: Afrigas SL Ltd, GIZ, GOAL, International Organisation for Migration, Food and Agriculture Organisation, Grow Salone, Schooling for Life, G2G Empowerment Movement, Girls Empowerment Sierra Leone, Think Africa Institute, and Cosmeline SL Ltd.

We will like to hear from you

For more information on any of our outlined services and any other ideas you might have, we are happy to work with you.