Better Sleep, Better Life, Better Work!

Though some of us may not directly link better sleep with better work, the reality is, sleep drives how we work, has an impact on our health and our general quality of life. Sponsored by the World Association of Sleep Medicine, World Sleep Day focuses on celebrating sleep and raising awareness on significant issues around the topic. As part of Afriqia Solutions’ focus on Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace, we wanted to mark the day by sharing knowledge on how sufficient and insufficient sleep can impact you and your colleagues. Through this journey, we will help you establish techniques you can adopt to improve your sleep and enhance your mental and general wellbeing.

In an aim to understand people’s perceptions of sleep and how this impacts their work, Afriqia Solutions designed a survey that was circulated across social media and shared with organisations. The findings helped us articulate this piece for you based on common experiences and perceptions.

Who Participated?

With almost 69% of our participants based in Sierra Leone, 61% fell within the ages of 25-39 with women occupying 56% of the responses, indicating that most feedback is shared from a woman’s perspective and illustrating, perhaps, the experiences of their sleep in comparison with men. More than 60% of participants are full-time employed, with working hours of 5:00 – 9:00 p.m., giving us a deeper understanding of how the mind works with a full-time schedule.

What Did Survey Tell Us?

*All numbers have been rounded up to the nearest decimal.

Why Should Organisations Care About Their Team's Sleep?

  • Lower/insufficient productivity.
  • Reduced creativity.
  • Reduced wellbeing.
  • Grumpiness in employees.
  • Lower engagement and participation.
  • Increases stress.

Health Sleep Calculator

For many people, wake-up time is a constant but for many others, not so much. This health sleep calculate will help you understand how to calculate the best time to go to bed based on your wake-up time and natural sleep cycle. This calculator will look into your sleep cycle and determine how sleep may affect your health.

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